Truce is a game I came up with to play with the ideas of co-operating and fighting all in the same game. I've coined the term co-operate to describe it. Players must work together to accomplish goals, but are pushed towards fighting by an uneven reward system and a narrator/god character that is still in development.

PC controls are WASD to move and jump player 1 and IJKL to move and jump player 2. Players must form bonds to move forward to do so both players must be holding the bond button (left shift for Player 1 and space for Player 2). The length of the bond can be increased or decreased by each player ("Q" or "U" decreases length, "E" or "O" increases length).

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Truce Game

DodgeFight Game


DodgeFight is a full-immersive virtual reality game. Players wear the Occulus Rift and their motions are tracked by the Kinect. In the game, wooden towers shoot cylinders which can be destroyed by the player hitting the cylinders with their hand; cylinders hitting any other part of the body will cause damage. Players may shoot back by making a punching motion (fist to shoulder followed by fully extending the arm) to shoot fireballs at the wooden towers and destroy them. Players may also hold their hands together to charge and make the fireballs bigger, stomp with one foot to make rock walls appear, and squat and stretch to jump.

This game uses 3D audio, so headphones (especially wireless headphones) will make the experience better and allow you to hear from what direction the cylinders are coming. MAC USERS: A Microsoft Kinect will not work with the Mac build of the game. You must use a Xbox 360 Kinect. WINDOWS USERS: I have not tested this on a Windows machine. I just had Unity build it for Windows.

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Thermo-golf is a project I worked on at the Mobile Learning Incubator. It was designed to assist in learning the principles of thermodynamics by allowing players to explore a 3D map of PVT space and tasking them with achieving certain goals. The project is still in its early stages and will likely change in the future.

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Thermo-Golf Game

Kingdom Of Shapes Game

Kingdom Of Shapes

Kingdom of Shapes is a game where the goal is to find the underlying rules of the video game world. In the game multiple shapes with different colors move around. Each color and each shape is given a point value. The total value of the shape is given by adding its shape and color. The goal is to find the value of given to each color and shape by observing what shape wins a fight. Fights occur when shapes overlap and the loser becomes an outline of the full shape.

Kingdom of Shapes was created as a demo of what could be made with a simple java game engine. The game engine was created for a Hackathon 101 event at UW-Madison meant to be a brief introduction to the hackathon atmosphere for those who had never been to a hackathon. The game engine was made by a friend of mine and I tested it and gave feedback.

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Velociraptors was a games I created in a couple hours for a introduction to html5 canvas hackathon. In the game the player is tasked with getting velociraptors to jump over landmines as they escape captivity. The velociraptors are individually controlled by the buttons "Q", W", and "E" (or "1", "2", and "3" on a numpad). All velociraptors can be commanded to jump at once using the space bar (or "+" on the numpad).

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Velociraptor Game

Please note that all these games are works in progress, may be unfinished, and will likely change from their current form.